Buyer Services

IAA works with in partnership with a variety of Sellers including Motor Insurers, MGAs, TPAs, car rental companies, finance houses, fleet management operators and accident management companies. Our goal is to facilitate the most efficient sale of salvage providing our buyers with a variety of stock at competitive prices.

IAA's digital auction platform has been designed and developed in-house by our own specialist IT team. This unique platform combines the best of Search, Bid and Buy functionality with superior vehicle imagery and vehicle details:

  • Clear and accurate images, giving you confidence to bid
  • Deadline extensions that allow late bids
  • Auction listings for up to seven days, giving you a longer bidding time

The opportunity for you to watch vehicles so you don't miss out.



Does IAA Deliver?

Across the UK, IAA can provide you with an efficient delivery service. The cost of your delivery will depend on the number and type of vehicles purchased and the distance transported. Our prices are based on delivery of a single car. Charges for other types of deliveries will vary and our sites will be able to assist you with pricing.

Please see our transportation page for more details and pricing.Click Here